Success Fundamental #3: Change

Everybody’s been talking about change for some time.  After all, there’s never been more of it, and it’s never been more challenging.

But too many people and too many businesses seem to change for change sake’s.  In fact, I’ve spoken in hundreds of organizations that seem to be in a perpetual state of re-organization. Before they even get their last re-org up and running and working, the “powers-that-be” announce another company re-org.  It’s no wonder the employees feel frustrated, angry, and confused.

You’ve got to follow Success Fundamental #3:  “You’ve got to change the right things to get the right results.”  And it when it comes to business success, I agree with Highpoint University president Nido Qubein.  There are 4 right things to change.

1.  Change from communicating to connecting.  Many companies do a good job of communicating the features and benefits of their products and services.  Unfortunately, many customers could care less.  Today they want you to connect with them … not just communicate to them.  They want you to understand their hopes and fears.  They want you to understand what they value. 

2. Change from selling to positioning.  People have been inundated with advertising and sales pitches … over the radio, on the TV, in their email, and in their mailbox.  Their attention span is shorter and their mistrust is higher. 

 Today, you’ve got to position yourself in the customer’s mindwith 3 or 4 positive words that always come to mind when they think about you.  And if you don’t know how you’re positioned, ask 50 to 100 of your customers to list the words that come to mind when they hear your company name.

3.  Change from training to education.  Training merely teaches a person how to do something, and that’s important.  It will help you get a job and keep a job.  By contrast, education teaches people why something must be done … which is a key characteristic of leadership.  And boy, we need more leadership and better leadership today than ever before.

4.  Change from success to significance.  If you only focus on success, there’ll never be enough.  For example, you may be on vacation, walking through the Redwoods, thinking about how to make more money next quarter, even though your last quarter was your best one ever.  When you focus on success, you’re consumed by all the tasks you have to accomplish.  But when you change your focus to significance, you’re driven by purpose.  You’ll focus on what’s most important in all parts of your life.

Again, bottom line?  Want more success?  “You’ve got to change the right things to get the right results.”