Success Fundamental #2: Beliefs

Yes, times are tough now, and times have been tough in the past, and times will be tough in the future.  That’s life.  So quit whining about the economy, your customers, the weather, Congress, or the President, or anything else.  

The reason is simple.  It’s found in Success Fundamental #2:  “What you choose to believe is what you get.”  If you choose to believe life is unfair, that you’ve gotten the short end of the stick, or people are out to get you, you will be filled with fear and bitterness.  And the number of fearful, bitter, successful people in the history of the world is about zero. 

If you want better results in life, at home or on the job, you’ve got to choose new and better beliefs.  That’s where all lasting change starts.  In your head.  Not in your behaviors. 

So if you choose to believe that you can hang in there, that you can make it through the tough times, that you can get out of debt, that you can find a way to make your business work, you’re going to see some positive changes.  Your new empowering beliefs will get your mind churning, your emotions raging, and your hands working. 

It’s no wonder that immigrants who come to America are FOUR times more likely to become millionaires than native-born Americans.  And it’s not because these immigrants are smarter than native-born Americans.  But their beliefs are very different. 

Many immigrants came here believing this was the land of opportunity, that a person could become almost anything he or she wanted to become … if he or she worked for it …  and so they go after that dream with a passion.  By contrast, some native-born Americans have chosen to believe that life owes them a living, and so they wait for the government or good fortune to take care of them, instead of going after their dreams with an equal passion.

Bottom line?  Want more success?  Remember, “what you choose to believe is what you get.”