Success Fundamental #1: People

Economies change.  Businesses change. Products change.   Service change.   Customers change.  Relationships change.  People.

But there are certain fundamentals of success that DO NOT change.  The first one … simply put … “Who you spend time with is who you become.”  It’s a fact of life.  Other people … their beliefs, values, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors will rub off on you.

So Mama was right.  You had better choose your friends and associates carefully.  Or Nido Qubein, president of Highpoint University and the CEO of the Great Harvest Bread Company, points out, “You must pick the right heroes, models, and mentors in life if you expect to go anywhere in life.”

And to some extent I’ve done that.  For 10 years I’ve belonged to a select group of 8 professional speakers known as Master Speakers International.  We meet for two days … four times a year … to share our best practices.  And as a result, my learning and growth has gone through the roof … not to mention my financial health, emotional health, and work-life balance.

On a personal basis, the same success principle applies … “Who you spend time with is who you become.”  That’s why I’ve met with two different men for breakfast almost every week for 20 years.  One of them is a pastor and the other one a business owner.  We talk about everything, but their positive, encouraging, visionary attitudes have rubbed off on me in so many ways. 

Follow Success Principle #1 and you are bound for greater success.  Guaranteed!!!