Success Comes To Sweat Hogs, Not Worry Warts

How would you classify yourself?  Are you more of a sweat hog or a worry wart?  It’s important that you know.

After all, if you’re worrying about something you need to do, chances are you aren’t doing much about it.  Worry tends to stop action … constructive action at least.  Just remember:  worrying about something is not doing something.  Remind yourself of this occasionally, and it will help you work through your procrastination when it comes to dealing with things you wish would go away.

For example, in these tough economic times, there are many folks who have lost their jobs … who sit around and fret about how hard it is to find a job.  They keep focusing on the fact that they don’t know how to find a job or where to find a job.

The fact is … if you haven’t been looking for a job for a few years, all the rules have changed. Everyone in your situation is struggling with the same issue … worrying about HOW to find a job.

And sometimes those job seekers fool themselves into thinking that if they’re worried about finding a job, they are actually looking for a job.  NO they’re not.  What they’re really doing is thinking about looking for a job.  Just remember, as a I said before, worrying about something is not doing something.

The next time you find yourself worrying instead of doing, write down what you have done to resolve your problem or attain your goal.  In the case of job hunters, you might see that you haven’t sent out very many resumes or made very many phone calls.    If you find that you’ve been more of a worry wart than a sweat hog, if you’ve done more worrying than acting, just accept it and promise yourself to take at least one step every day toward your goal.

And by the way, write down the steps you have taken and are going to take so you can see the progress you’ve made and the steps you’re going to take.  If you do this, your “worry wart” nature will fade away as your “sweat hog” productivity takes over.