Remarkable Customer Service

The Secret Lies in REMARKABLE Service

Customer ServiceI’m out hiking in the Colorado mountains for my annual hiking trip to renew, refresh, re-balance, and re-create my life and my business. And I just had a great insight into great customer service … or was it an old truth that came crashing into my mind? Either way, you can’t miss this point.

As I was studying the brochures as to what I might do in this area, I came across an ad for the “world’s best cinnamon rolls” … homemade … made from scratch … and baked fresh daily at the Glen Haven General Store down Devil’s Gulch Road. Now I’m interested in cinnamon rolls in the first place, but if they’re the “world’s best” I’ve got to check it out.

I did … and they were. Fresh, tasty, and topped with a thick, creamy frosting. My friends and I couldn’t help but say “ah, ooh, and wow” with every bite. And then for the next few days as we hiked mountain trails and found ourselves engaged in conversations with strangers along the way, we invariably asked, “Have you tried the cinnamon rolls at the Glen Haven General Store?” As we shared our experience with person after person, they turned into converts who said they were going to go there.

Then it hit me. Could great, extraordinary, building-business customer service be as simple as making your product and service so could that it becomes truly REMARKABLE? Yes. I’ve spent years researching tips and tactics, skills and strategies to help people and companies improve their customer service. Now I believe that ANYTHING you do to improve your customer service that is not REMARKABLE … that does not make your customers talk about it … is probably not all important or effective.

So ask yourself, “What are you doing today, tomorrow, and every day to make your service REMARKABLE?” You might start by getting a copy of my book on “The Service Payoff: How Customer Service Champions Outserve and Outlast The Competition.” Click here or join me at the Glen Haven General Store. As I finish writing this at 7:30 in the morning, I’m headed out to buy some more cinnamon rolls, even though I have to drive 45 minutes to get there. That’s REMARKABLE.