Realistic Goals Or High Ideals

Too many people fail to set goals … and as the old saying goes … “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  It’s true.

Other people set goals that are so low that they have little or no motivational power.  Your goals have to be big enough to excite you and motivate you to do something about them.

And still other people set goals that are so high that they’re beaten even before they start. 

So how do you get the right balance between “realistic goals” and “high ideals”?  I’ve found the following poem to be helpful.  It’s called …

The Actual And The Ideal

There are two things, the Actual and the Ideal.

To be mature is to see the ideal and

live with the actual.

To fail is to accept the actual and reject

the ideal.

To accept only that which is ideal and

refuse the actual is to be immature.

Do not criticize the actual because

 you have seen the ideal.

Do not reject the ideal because

you see the actual.

Maturity is to live with the actual but

hold on to the ideal.

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