The Power of the Handwritten Note

Hand written lettersFor a long time, I’ve advised my clients to watch what the most successful people do and adopt some of their practices. After all, in 99.9% of the cases, those highly successful people did not just luck into their success. They adopted a series of emotionally intelligent practices and used them relentlessly to motivate the best in others.

One of those is the practice of the handwritten note of appreciation. With our e-mail boxes filled to overflowing, take a moment to scan your regular mail for the next day or ten days. Put all the handwritten notes you receive in a special pile. I’ll wager that you will have little or no mail to put in that pile.

You see … we’re all busy these days. Crazy busy. But that makes your handwritten note of thanks all the more powerful … because nobody else is doing it. And the recipient will remember your note for days and maybe years to come. In fact he may even save your note for a long, long time.

So you want to be successful? Then one tip is to watch what everybody else is doing and DON’T DO IT! They’re all sending e-mails, but the most successful people are still getting out a pen, a piece of stationery, and handwriting a note of thanks to the people in their lives. For your own good, adopt that practice as well. It’s a powerful tool in your motivation kit.