Keep On Learning

The average person doesn’t think twice about spending money on the APPEARANCE of his head.  Whether it’s shaving cream and razors for men, or beauty creams and makeup for women, whether it’s cologne or perfume, or haircuts and perms, people spend a lot of money to “look good.” 

The sad thing is most people spend nothing to “be good.” Oh, they may attend a company-mandated seminar once in a while, but those same people would never think of spending their own money to buy a book or attend a class that would improve themselves and their futures. 

What about you?  Are you spending as much time and money on the COMPOSITION of your head as you are on the APPEARANCE of your head?  I hope so. 

If not, let me suggest two things.  First, no one is responsible for your success.  Your husband, your wife, your parents, your boss, your company, no one is responsible for your success.  Oh sure, they can help, support, and encourage, but none of them can make you successful.  Only you are responsible for your success.  How are you investing in yourself? 

Second, get a program.  Maybe you decide to read a book a month, a serious book that will help you get better at what you do or want to do.  Maybe you decide to listen to three audio CDs a week or attend three seminars a year, all geared to what you need to know.  The point is, get a program and follow a program.  There is no investment you’ll ever make that pays bigger dividends than the investment you make in yourself.

Key Thought:  The average person spends $1000 a year on the outside of his head but only $10 a year on the inside of his head.  Something is radically wrong with this picture.