It’s Not The Blind Side; It’s The Bright Side

A few days ago, my wife and I went on a date night … which we occasionally do … and which I highly recommend. Never, ever stop dating your spouse. It’s keep the fun and the romance in the relationship.

For our date night, we ended up going to see the movie called, “The Blind Side,” knowing nothing about it and not knowing what to expect. It was WONDERFUL. We laughed, cried, and cheered. We were inspired. The whole movie was a motivational gift.

So I’m not totally sure the movie was correctly titled. It was more about the bright side than the blind side. So be it.

My point today is two-fold. One, see the movie. Two, never forget there is always a bright side to everything.

Well tomorrow is Christmas. And Christmas reminds me that God loved us so much that He sent his very best. Now that’s good news, and that good news puts a bright side to all of life.