Improving Customer Service Made Easy

Make no mistake about it. Your customers will talk. In fact they’ll talk to lots of people about you and your service. The question is, “Will that talk be positive or negative?”

It’s an important question.  After all, one of the key variables in your success or survival will be what your customers say about you.

To make matters even more challenging, when people have a bad experience with customer service, they tell 10 times more people about their bad experience than a good experience they’ve had in customer service.   And nobody can afford that kind of negative publicity.

There is good news, however. After fifty years of market research and billions of dollars spent on advertising, one thing is very clear. Positive, word-of-mouth advertising is still the cheapest and best way to grow your business.

The question is … how can you ensure that kind of positive word-of-mouth for your business and that kind of upbeat experience for your customers?  There are tried and true methods that have proven to work, and I give them to you in my program “The Service Payoff: 4 Strategies for Improving Customer Service.”

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