How To Separate Your Wishes From Your Goals

Very few people merely stumble onto success.  To achieve success, you need a goal or a few goals.  And they need to be real goals, not some wishy-washy wants such as “I wish I could” or “Maybe some day I’ll get to” statements.  Wishes are the domain of the lazy.  Goals are the province of those who are willing to struggle for what they want … and not give up until they get it.

To separate your wants from your goals, try this exercise.  Make a list of the things you want.  Beside each one, using a scale of 1 to 10, write how much work and sacrifice you are willing to put into each one of the items.  One is “not lifting more than two fingers to accomplish it” and ten is “prepared to work on this item day in and day out, no matter how I feel.” 

Take your time.  Think deeply about each of the items you want, and try to imagine how much you would be willing to give up to attain that item.

Now review your list.  Are there goals that have a “work” and “sacrifice” score of less than 8?  Throw them away; they are merely wishes that are wasting your time and energy.  Let them go.  Now pick the out the ones that want the most