Communicate Words That Motivate Rather Than Demotivate

Instead of saying whatever comes to your mind, instead of letting it all hang out, think before you speak.  Learn the art of tactfulness.  It’s one of the GREAT skills found in all GREAT leaders and all GREAT communicators.

And beware:  tactfulness is not a euphemism for dishonesty or political correctness.  Tactfulness is the communication skill that allows you to see the good in any situation … or at the very least phrase … allows you to phrase your difficult, negative comments in a more positive way. 

Take this example, entitled “Why I Prefer The Company Of My Mother-In-Law.”

She says: “I really like the way your hair looks.”  My mother says: “I liked your hair better when it was shorter.”

She says: “You look a little tired, dear.  Let me keep the kids over the weekend.”  My mother says: “You look like h_ll.  Why don’t you quit running around so much?”

She says: “The children really enjoy their pets. You are wonderful to let them have so many.”  My mother says: “Your house smells like a kennel.”

She says: “I’m glad you called.  What’s new?”  My mother says, “I’m watching a TV program.  Phone me later.”

She says: “The children are getting so tall.  They look wonderful.”  My mother says: “Why don’t you cook some decent meals for the kids?  They look so skinny.”

She says: “The dinner was delicious.  You certainly set a beautiful table.” My mother says:  “The chicken tastes funny.  What happened to it?”