Authenticity: Are You More Concerned With Image Or Character?

To some extent, we all care about how we look on the outside.  We want to look good to other people.   And fortunes are spent to achieve that very goal.

Take, for example, the British company that developed a product called “Spray-On Mud” so city dwellers can give their expensive 4 x 4 vehicles the appearance of having been off-road for a day of hunting or fishing without ever leaving town.  The mud is even filtered to remove stones and debris so nothing scratches the paint surface of your vehicle.  It’s all about image and externals.

By contrast, when you are a person of character, you are more concerned with the quality of your values, behaviors, and beliefs.  You want to be real and you want to be real good.  Instead of padding your resume or embellishing your experience, you spend your time, money, and energy on learning, growing, and getting better and better.

So today, ask yourself if you’re spending more on your image (the externals) … or are you spending more on your character (the things inside you)?  The first one may serve you well for a season, but the second one will serve you well for a lifetime.