Ask Questions: The Quick-Cure For Stupidity

I spent fifteen years as a university professor, and I’ve spent the last fifteen years as a professional speaker in several hundred organizations.  One thing I’ve noticed in both environments is people’s reluctance to ask questions.  No one wants to give the impression of not knowing something. 

That’s sad, but it’s also insane.  The fastest learners on earth are human children because they’re not afraid to ask questions.  Oh, they may drive us crazy, asking “why” for the tenth time, but they’re also on the surest road to success — the gathering of additional information. 

Unfortunately, we live in a culture where, as some people say, “appearances are everything.”  In other words, if you don’t know everything, at least look like you know everything.  Don’t ask questions.  That will blow your cover. 

Again, that’s insane.  It’s insane when people would rather remain stupid than appear stupid. 

So go out there and ask lots of questions.  Don’t be afraid.  Don’t worry about what other people think. Your success is more important than their approval. And your success will come in direct proportion to the number of questions you ask.

Key Thought:  Asking stupid questions is always better than correcting stupid mistakes.