A Success System For Making Your Dreams Come True: Part 3

No one wants to be a failure.  Everyone wants to be a winner.  The bigger question is HOW.  How can you make sure your dreams come true?

I’ve suggested a simple system for you to follow, using Scott Schilling’s acronym:  A DREAM I … LIVE.   I’ve talked about the letters A, D, R, E, and A.  Let’s go on to …

The “M” which stands for Modify the Plan and Re-Execute. No matter how good your intentions are and how well you’ve planned out your goals, no plan is ever perfect.  Not everything you try will work out.   So be flexible enough and humble enough to admit your mistakes and adjust your plan so it becomes more and more workable.

The “I” stands for Inspire Others to do the same.  We are put on Earth for two reasons — to have a fabulous life and to help as many people as we possibly can.  When you help others, you can’t help but feel better yourself.

Finally, “LIVE” stands for Love, Invest, Value, and Enjoy Life.  Despite the challenges all around us … at work … at home … in the economy … and even in our bodies, we have been amazingly blessed … compared to most.   So quit griping and focus on how you might Love those around you, Invest in a better tomorrow, Value everyone’s talents, and Enjoy life to the fullest.