A Success System For Making Your Dreams Come True: Part 2

A few days ago I told you there is a formula for success.  There is a system you can use to make sure your dreams come true.  And you can remember the entire system by simply remembering the acronym “A DREAM I … LIVE.”  So far we’ve discussed the “A” and the “D.”

“R” stands for Restructure Your Activities.  In other words, if you want new and better outcomes, you’ve got to do new and better things.  You’ve got to spend your time on those activities that will bring you closer and closer to achieving your goals.  So take a few minutes every day to ask yourself one question:  “Will this use of my time help or hinder me in making my dreams come true?”

The “E” stands for Execute the Plan. If you’ve got a plan for achieving goals, great!  Most people don’t even get that far.  But once you’ve got a plan, follow it.   As the old saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  It’s more  than a cliche; it’s the truth.  So write out your plan.  Look at it every day.  And make sure you’re on track … or sure as shootin’ you’re going to end up somewhere else.

The “A” stands for Analyze the Results. You have in inspect what you expect.  In other words, you have to measure your progress.  When you see some action steps crossed off your To-Do list, it will encourage you to keep on keeping on when you feel discouraged.  And if you you don’t like the results you’re getting, ask