Testimonials: Women’s Organizations & Businesses

Women Owned Companies “Their Success Stories”

How Their Lives, Jobs, Attitudes, Businesses, and Relationships Have Changed As a result of Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s programs

Engaged, Amazed, Informed, Motivated, and Entertained Every One of Our Members…

“As you know, this was our 50th anniversary meeting, and we wanted it to be a gala event that blew the roof off the building. That’s why we chose you to be our speaker. You see … several of our members have been asking us to hire you for years, but we were ‘saving’ you for this special occasion. And it was the right decision. You engaged, amazed, informed, motivated, and entertained every one of our 200 members. Even now, several months after your presentation, our members can’t stop talking about your presentation. So you did it. You blew the roof off the building!”

Bev Kennedy,
50th Anniversary Chairperson Executive ,Women International

Made a HUGE Difference in the Success of Our Business…

“After the conference, I put your ‘7 Skills For Lasting Self-Esteem’ to work. And wow … what a difference it has made in the success of my business and in my relationships with my husband, children, and friends. Thank you, Dr. Zimmerman, for what you have done for me and so many hundreds of people across our company and across the country. You have made a difference in our lives, and we will be forever grateful.”

Heather Getek,
Team Mentor, Tastefully Simple

Gave Us an Empowered Attitude to Succeed All the Time…

“Your ‘Peak Performance’ presentation to our Women’s Council members for our annual meeting was awe inspiring. You coordinated your subject with the purpose and theme of our meeting, and everyone walked away with a new understanding of how our attitudes can get us through anything that life throws at us. You also shared your personal journey so everyone could relate to you on one level or another. Truly fantastic!”

Kris Boller,
Women’s Council Chair, Mosaic Company

We Were Blown Away…  and Now We Want All Our Other Chapters to Hear You…

“Our 450 attendees were blown away by the power and practicality of your presentation. They couldn’t stop talking about your program for days and weeks afterwards. We couldn’t have been more pleased … because you made us look good and added so much to the overall success of our symposium. Now we want to get the word out to all our other chapters across the country about you and your programs. You have my endorsement.”

Dianne Wheeler,
President, Women in Defense

The Energy Just Keeps Going On and On…

“The room was filled with high energy while you spoke to us, but even now, days and weeks later, the energy continues. I keep on getting positive feedback via email, and women are stopping me in the hallways to thank me for bringing you in to speak. In a couple of words, you and your presentation were VERY ENGAGING.”

Mary Jane Evans,
Manager, Women’s Network Proctor & Gamble

We Have Become a Remarkable Business…

“After my husband/business partner died and a large national competitor opened near us, my self-confidence was at rock bottom as I watched the sales figures drop. Then I attended your program on ‘Creating Customer Service Champions.’ and taught all my employees what you taught me. You gave us all the tools we needed to make each customer feel special and compete against the new business in town. As a result of your program, we have become a very profitable, ‘remarkable’ business.”

Becky Hazen,
Business Owner Blue Lake Sport

These success stories, and hundreds of others, paint a very clear picture. These testimonies illustrate the deep impact Dr. Zimmerman has had on people and organizations all over the world through his effective, compelling, real-world seminars and keynotes.

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