Testimonials: Education

Education Clients “Their Success Stories”

How Their Lives, Jobs, Attitudes, Businesses, and Relationships Have Changed As a result of Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s programs

Conference Attendees Were Enthralled …

“Thank you for an outstanding presentation! You created an atmosphere of high energy and delivered a message that was thought provoking, intellectually stimulating, and interactive. The conference attendees were enthralled, saying things like, “Best session of the conference…Fantastic…Have him back…Outstanding theory…Needs to be longer.” Alan, you far exceeded our expectations in both your content and delivery. You are a consummate professional.”

Kimberley Adams,
Director, National Education Association

Helped Our Departments Raise The Bar On Customer Service…

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation! The seminar received great feedback from the attendees and they’re all asking you to come back on annual basis. I especially appreciate your tailoring your presentation to meet our needs. Your motivation has already helped a number of our departments raise the bar on internal customer service.”

Karen Harthorn,
Director of Purchasing & Payables, University of St. Thomas

Encouraged And Motivated Us To Fight The Good Fight…

“Dr. Zimmerman, thank you for delivering a high-class presentation. I was inundated with feedback that said, ‘Great speaker with a sincere message … Dr. Zimmerman didn’t just speak, but he was able to prove his knowledge … When hiring new staff in your district, this is the type of excitement I expect to get from people leading our children’s education … THANK YOU for bringing him here … and …Dr. Zimmerman was fabulous and quickly moved us from laughter to near tears and back again all the while encouraging us and motivating us to fight the good fight.’”

Katie Klanderud,
Director, Minnesota School Boards Association

Even Our Negative Teachers Said The Program Was Great…

“Thank you for the enlightening presentation. It was inspiring, and it certainly motivated us. Some of the teacher and administrator comments included, ‘Great day…One of the best in-service days…Finally a day full of valuable information…Positive experience…Longer presentation next time.” But my favorite comments came from veteran teachers who can be somewhat negative. They really enjoyed and appreciated your message. One of them said, ‘I was prepared for a wasted day and was greatly surprised. It was a great day’.”

Pat Kardin,
Coordinator, Cluster A Consortium, Fall Creek School District

Meaningful Presentation That Touched Our Hearts…

“The seminars that you gave to our students and staff were absolutely fantastic. The student body and staff gave you a standing ovation because they witnessed a presentation that was not only meaningful–but it touched their hearts as well. The only way, Dr. Zimmerman, that your presentation could have been better is if it were longer. We enjoyed your topic and manner to that extent.”

Robert Dobrenski,
Director, Detroit Lakes Area Vocational-Technical Institute

Tailored Message To Fit Our Situation…

“As Chief Administrator of the Agency, I especially appreciate the fact you tailored your message to our particular situation. With humor and sharing some of your personal background, you left our staff with a better understanding that change can be a very positive and rewarding experience. Our staff members left your program saying such things as, ‘Very motivational … Actually made me enthusiastic about change … Great speaker … Helped set the tone for the year … Gave us tools to utilize more positive attitudes regarding all the changes we are implementing … and … When will he be returning?’”

Dr. Glenn Pelecky,
Chief Administrator, Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency

Your Message Guided Our Principals Throughout The Year…

“You were with us such a short time, but your impact was powerful. I have just read 150 papers written by the principals who completed their first year of commitment to the Iowa Leadership Academy Principals Center. And I wanted you to know that many participants cited the things you shared about motivating self and others as ‘the key lessons’ that guided their work throughout the year. Many students, teachers and parents have benefited from the things this group of principals learned from you.”

Bonnie Boothroy,
Director, Iowa Leadership Academy

People Are Looking At Things Differently In Their Schools …

“After the program I received several phone calls and emails from participants who wanted to tell me how much they enjoyed your program and how they were looking at things differently at their schools. Thank you, Alan, for getting our school year off to a positive start. You gave us rich, concrete, relevant ideas and exercises that helped us both professionally and personally. We are, indeed, happy to have you on our Delaware team.”

Mary Ketchem,
Executive Director, Delaware Principals’ Academy

No Other Speaker Gave Us Such A Positive Feeling About Our Profession…

“All 350 of our educators were captured by your speaking style and message. And everyone left with something they can use to improve their lives both personally and professionally. No other speaker has provided us with such a positive feeling toward our profession and the key role we each play in education. Thank you again.”

Jay Christgau,
LAC Director, Minocqua School District

Outstanding, Upbeat, Positive Kickoff For Our Conference…

“Thanks for making me look good! Your presentation was outstanding and a great way to kick off our conference in an upbeat positive way. You touched our attendees with your comments and made us all stop and review our lives and our work. Everyone is giving you excellent ratings.”

Bette Lou Esser,
Executive Director, Wisconsin Vocational Association

Participants Went Home And Changed Their Lives…

“Your presentation on ‘Take This Job and Love It’ was excellent. You provided our members a message that was pleasant and enjoyable–using real life stories to which we all could relate. We gained insights on how to manage a balanced life, and we went back to our jobs renewed and refreshed. And many participants actually went home and altered the way they lived and worked.”

Larry Klundt,
Executive Director, North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders

More Excited About Your Program Than Any In Memory…

“I told the conference committee that they would not regret having you for the featured presenter at our conference, and you delivered! The committee was more excited by your presentation than any in recent memory, and the participants rated your presentation the highest of any at the conference. Your inspiring words, which were combined so expertly with practical advice on how to handle difficult situations and people, made all of us realize that the job is worth the time and effort required to get it right. ”

Al Mance,
Executive Director, Tennessee Education Association

You Empowered And Revitalized Us…

“Your message and presentation received some of the highest ratings I have seen in eleven years. You were easy to listen to and kept us actively involved. One staff member made it a point to tell me she was considering resigning from her position prior to your presentation. She was frustrated by the negativity in the work place and did not know how to deal with it. As a result of your presentation, that individual has decided to stay and feels empowered and revitalized.”

Bradley Korn
Principal, Morris School District

Helped Us See Change As Growth Rather Than Threat…

“Your discussion and perspective on risk taking helped our staff shift their view of change from a threatening situation to one of growth. The staff said this was the best in-service that the district has ever had. One of the best examples of how well you were received came from my neighbor, an elementary teacher. Her excitement and enthusiasm about your presentation was the focus of her conversation at home. Her husband said, ‘I can’t believe anybody could be that exciting that she would continue talking about his presentation for three nights in a row’.”

Stephen Doerr
Superintendent, Brookings School District

Members Went Away Invigorated And Encouraged…

“Your message did exactly what I had hoped it would. Our members went away invigorated and encouraged in the work they do every day for kids. Your delivery and the involvement of audience members were perfect! It added an enjoyable and refreshing approach to the topic. It was great to work with you once again, knowing I would not be disappointed in selecting you as our closing speaker.”

Elmer Koch,
Jr. Executive Director, Minnesota Elementary School Principals’ Association

Made An Outstanding, Lasting Impression…

“Both your three-hour intensive session and your luncheon presentation were outstanding. You gave participants some new ideas and some new tools to use when they return to work in their programs. Many conference attendees said you made this the best conference in our ten-year history. Clearly, you made a lasting impression that will result in even better family literacy programs in our state.”

Bonnie Griffiths
State Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Children, Families, and Learning

Got Us Ready To Start The School Year With Enthusiasm…

“When I asked you to be a keynote speaker on the last day of the Nebraska Administrators Annual Conference, I gave you a challenge. I wanted you to send my administrators home feeling good and ready to start the new school year with enthusiasm. You DID exactly what I wanted. As I visit with my fellow executive directors, I am sharing your name and program as speaker they should have on their program, if they want an OUTSTANDING speaker who can deliver.”

Jerry Sellentin
Executive Director, Nebraska Council of School Administrators

Superb Presentation That Was Thought-Provoking And Fun…

“Your topic areas are so relevant to the hectic life of principals and the state executive directors who provide them with resources and support. And your program started our conference of Executive Directors on a positive note that carried over to all our other activities. The group found your presentation thought provoking and fun. I know you have already worked with many of the states, and after your superb presentation, you will no doubt be asked to work with others. ”

Lenor Hersey
Executive Director, National Association of Secondary School Principals

Best Evaluations In Our 14-Year History…

“Thanks so much for your excellent presentations at the IBM Charlotte Technical Symposium. Your evaluations were some of the best ever in our fourteen-year history. Our experience has shown us that ratings of 80 or higher are outstanding. Your lectures were rated 96.2. We want you back. We hope you are open to accepting our invitation in the future.”

Ann Brown
DManager, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Did His Homework to Deliver the Most Relevant Solutions

“I would highly recommend Dr. Zimmerman to any organization that wishes to improve collaboration amongst employees and elevate customer service. It was evident he did his homework on our organization to find the best solutions to deliver relevant messages to our employees. He was very engaging and has an excellent stage presence. Dr. Zimmerman will work hard to make sure your day is a success, just as he did ours!”

Dr. Tim Grieves
Chief Administrator, Northwest Area Education Agency

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