Testimonial: Agribusiness Success Stories

Agri Business “Their Success Stories”

How Their Lives, Jobs, Attitudes, Businesses, and Relationships Have Changed As a result of Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s programs

Managers Soaked Up Everything You Said …


“I can’t thank you enough for speaking at our managers’ meeting. You were, without question, terrific. As I listened, I could sense our managers were soaking up everything you had to say. Your words really hit home for them and impressed upon them the importance of keeping life in balance. You gave everyone a jump-start to a renewed life.

Greg Sparks
President, Safeway

Prepared Us For Change And Innovation…

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

“Thanks so much for your superb presentation. What a way to wrap-up our meeting, and what a show-stopper for our group—as affirmed by the evaluations where you maxed out at the highest possible level. Our people went home, prepared for change and innovation in the more competitive and demanding marketplace. You struck a responsive chord with our group.”

Donald Hanes
Vice President,
National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

Keynote Was Highlight Of The Convention…

California Agricultural Teachers Association

“I am sure that you know, given our members’ enthusiastic response, that your message was well received. Reviewing the conference evaluations, our Governing Board noted that your keynote address was cited by our members as the highlight of the entire conference. Your genuine, caring attitude and message set the stage for a very successful conference.”

Jim Aschwanden
Executive Director,
California Agricultural Teachers’ Association

Highest Rated Presentation In Two-Day Conference…

California Almonds

“I just finished reviewing the comment sheets and of all the presentations over the two-day conference, yours was the highest rated. Your talk was very insightful, and you clearly connected with the audience. We have had many handlers and growers tell us that your participation in the conference was a highlight.”

Heidi Savage
Almond Board of California

Program Set The Tone For The Entire Conference…

Crop Improvement Association

“Thank you for your outstanding presentation at our annual meeting. I am very pleased that we had your presentation early in the program because it set the tone for the rest of the meeting and improved the whole day’s outlook. We have never had a speaker who received more attention and enthusiasm. Thanks again for a wonderful job!”

Harley Otto
Executive Vice President,
Minnesota Crop Improvement Association

Staff Said This Was Best Training Ever…

Staff Said This Was Best Training Ever

“I just want to thank you for the outstanding seminar. I have never received so much positive feedback from my staff. They said it was the best seminar they have ever attended. Your presentation techniques, incorporating interesting facts, humor, and audience interaction was extremely beneficial. Please feel free to use me as reference if you so desire.”

James Schwartz
Executive Director, Western Dairyland

Gave Us Tools That Motivated Us And Others…

Gave Us Tools That Motivated Us And Others

“I want to personally thank you. Your training was the absolute best we’ve ever had in all the years I’ve been with the company. You delivered exactly what we asked for, and that was to provide the group with tools to motivate ourselves and others. If anyone would not have taken anything away from your program, I would recommend they have their pulse checked by a professional.”

David May
Director, Farmers Union Industries

Perfect Program For Building Morale and Teamwork…

Land O Lakes

“The true test of any presentation is its lasting impact on the audience. Based on the comments I have received, there is no doubt that your presentation passed the test with exceptional high marks. Without reservation, would highly recommend you to other potential clients who have a need to build morale and teamwork within their organizations.”

Dennis Gehler
Manager, Cenex Land O’ Lakes

Positively Influenced Our Bottom Line…

Southern States

“I believe with all my heart that your message made a difference in improving our employees’ work environments, ultimately leading to a positive influence for our bottom line. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your vision, and your heart with this important group of Southern States leaders.”

Daniel Adams
Vice President, Southern States

Created A More Positive Work Environment…


“Our group had already made merchandising plans for the upcoming holiday selling season. What you did helped us develop a ‘People Plan’ for the stressful holiday selling season. We used these plans right away to create a more positive work environment, peak performance, and adopt change more positively! Over the years I’ve coordinated many of these events for all levels of our organization, and your presentation stands out. It was simply, the best.”

Krag Swartz
Director, Lunds Food Holdings

Program Was A Great Return On Our Investment…

Americas Second Harvest

“Thank you for such a terrific session on ‘Mastering Change.’ I appreciate the fact that you took a lot of care upfront to learn about our organization and team. You listened so well that the information you covered was not only relevant to our professional needs but also our personal lives as well. Most importantly, our role in procuring food for less fortunate people was strengthened as a result of the session you conducted—what a return on our investment!”

Dave Krepcho
Vice President,
America’s Second Harvest

Learned To Motivate And Lead Others…

Pet Industry Distributors Association

“You gave us all some very effective ways to motivate and lead others in our organizations. And I was delighted with the audience’s response to your talk and how you had them fully engaged during all ninety minutes of the presentation—which was no easy task given the beautiful weather tempting them just outside! As you know, I work with several other trade associations, so I look forward to bringing you and your message of maintaining a positive work environment to other leaders in those groups.”

Steven King Executive
Director, Pet Industry Distributors Association

Highest ‘Marks” Ever Seen At A Convention…

United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association

“Your presentation was terrific. You were informative, professional, and knowledgeable. And you provided exactly what we needed: take-home value for our attendees. Your unique ability to utilize stories, balance humor and seriousness, combine hard data with ‘grandma’s advice,’ and share it all with humility and wisdom were magnificent. Your ‘marks,’ which are, of course among the highest ever seen at our convention, should come as no surprise to you.”

Edward Downes
Director, United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association

Staff Said This Was Best Training Ever…

Tennessee Farmers Cooperative

“A note of thanks for the GREAT job you did as our keynote speaker at our managers meeting. You kept the flow of the meeting running, kept the audience entertained and followed up with information that everyone could use back at their business. But let me share a quick story about Josh, one of our trainees in the audience. He is very quiet but also very sharp and inquisitive. Without being prompted, Josh told me, ‘I have never met Dr. Zimmerman until today, but he really impressed me in the way that he handled the meeting. He’s the kind of person I’d like to work with.’ In Josh’s mind, you became one of his role models, and I am sure that you had the same effect with the other folks in the crowd.”

Joe Huffine
Manager, Tennessee Farmers Cooperative

Engaged The Audience…

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

“Thank you for the outstanding Youth Scholar Leadership Workshop you conducted. Being the first year for the workshop, the Planning Committee was anxious to see if it would resonate well with our Youth Scholars, and it did. The most frequently used term in describing your session was ‘Outstanding’. You truly engaged the audience.”

Thomas Little
Vice President,
National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

These success stories … and hundreds of others … paint a very clear picture.
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